What Are The Final Things You Should Pack When Moving Home?

What Are The Final Things You Should Pack When Moving Home?

There’s no denying it: moving house can be incredibly stressful. From putting an offer in on your dream home to completing, every stage can play havoc on your emotions. So, if there’s one part of the process you can make less stressful, it is certainly worth doing so. 

Packing, for instance, can be relieved by hiring house movers, who can wrap everything and box them up carefully before transporting the items to your new abode. 

With research showing that almost a third of people find moving more stressful than childbirth, it is definitely worth doing what you can to make the process easier.

If you really want to make packing and moving home even simpler, it is a good idea to leave some essentials out that you don’t box up till the last minute. 

  • Kettle

It can take a few hours for all your furniture and belongings to be packed away and taken to your new house, which is why it is worth leaving the kettle out until you close the door behind you. 

A coffee or cup of tea might be much needed during the tiring day, so you don’t want to find you can’t make yourself a brew when you need it. 

Similarly, you don’t want to turn up at the new place and have to open hundreds of boxes to locate your kettle, just so you can have a recharging cup of Joe. 

As well as the kettle, of course, don’t forget to leave out your coffee or tea of choice, milk, sugar or sweetener if you take any, and enough mugs for yourself and whoever is helping you with the move. 

  • Toiletries

It is also important to keep your toiletries, medication, pyjamas and an extra set of clothes in a separate suitcase, so they are not packed away with the contents of the house. 

This is so you can easily access your toothbrush and something to wear the next day before you tackle the job of unpacking. 

It could take a while before you unload your clothes into the wardrobe or empty the bathroom products into the cupboards, so pack a little case like you are going away for a few days to have some essentials to hand. 

  • Chargers

Likewise, it is sensible to have your chargers with you. This is particularly important on move day, as you will need your phone so your solicitor can tell you when the contracts have been completed and the estate agent can inform you when the keys are ready to be collected. 

You don’t want to risk your mobile running out of battery just when you need it the most! 

  • Legal documents

It is sensible to have all the legal documents you need with you on the day of the move. Everything should run smoothly, but if you need to show anything to the estate agents, solicitors or removal company, you can easily locate it if it is not packed away in boxes.

Do not forget some ID as well, so the keys are handed over to the right person. 

  • Children belongings

You will need to pack most of the toys and children’s clothes when moving, but it is a good idea to keep some things aside to bring in the car with you, as it can help your kids settle into their new home if they have a few familiar items with them. 

As well as their favourite teddies, bring a few changes of clothes, bedding, a couple of reading books, and a handful of toys. It is also worth getting some activities for them to do when you arrive, as this will make them excited and, hopefully, keep them busy while you are unpacking boxes. 

Anything that will aid the transition, particularly to help them fall asleep on the first night in their new bedroom, will be invaluable too, from portable black-out blinds and baby monitors to clocks and comforters.